The Immune System

The Immune System is important and so vital to the human body which protects the rest of the members of the body to carry out its mission to the fullest and divided this device into two natural immunity and acquired and therefore AIDS (AIDS) is considered the most dangerous diseases at all, because it strips and makes the body surface demilitarized estimated weakened viruses that life will lose.

Natural immunity:
Is championed by the organs of the body itself, such as the surface of the skin and acidity of the stomach and intestinal alkaline enzymes and lethal inside the tears, saliva, and cell wall

Natural immunity is when you have always have antibodies available in your body to combat a disease. An example of this would be an immune response to cutting your hand. After you cut your hand, if the knife was dirty, your body produces antibodies to kill the bacteria etc...

Immune system
The Immune System
Immune gainful:
Derived by a man against a specific microbe and always comes through the disease when exposed to human microbe and get rid of it is maintained with antibodies able to kill the microbe if it wants to log in again to the body.

Acquired immunity is just what it sounds like. An immunity that you acquire through infection. An example is chicken pox. When you are first infected with chicken pox you have no antibodies against the disease. After in fection, however, you build them up, and the next time you are won't get sick since you now have acquired the immunity


It scans the memory for the immune system and microbes, which has already attacked the body and so could be the simplest injury diseases such as influenza is a deadly disease

Immune system