Metformin Medication for Diabetes Treatment - Cidophage

Diabetic Drug Metformin Cidophage

What does Metformin do for Diabetics ?

Metformin medication for diabetes is used for diabetes treatment, and also used as a treatment for obesity and helps in weight loss but Metformin side effects are the splitter in the latter purpose.

Metformin medication for diabetes - Cidophage is indicated to control hyperglycemia in responsive, stable, mild, non-ketosis prone, maturity onset type of diabetes (Type II) which cannot be controlled by proper dietary management, exercise and weight reduction or when insulin therapy is not appropriate.
Metformin medication for diabetes - Cidophage can be of value for the treatment of obese diabetic patients.

Diabetic Drug Metformin -Cidophage Side effects:

Metformin (cidophage) a drug used for different reasons
Medication for Diabetes Metformin 
A phenomenon such as the effects of

  • a metallic taste in the mouth
  • diarrhea,  
  • nausea
  • vomiting,  
  • swelling
  • poor appetite,  
  • or rapid heartbeat
  • headache.  
  • Itching or skin sensitization.  
  • As well as difficulty in breathing.
And also the effects of internal may cause anemia and cause reduced absorption of vitamin B-12.
Can cause a condition called lactic acidosis. and lactic acidosis is a condition that occurs more if the patient is suffering from a decline in the ability of the total, or make use of many drugs that have a detrimental effect on the kidneys at the same time or in the elderly. And is the state require a cessation of treatment and contact your doctor immediately. And their symptoms are: muscle pain, fatigue, sleepiness is not normal.

Must be done to check kidney function before the start of treatment and then every year, so if something goes wrong in renal function must change the type of last treatment.

There is the active ingredient in medications such as:

(Cidophage - Glucophage - Diaformen - Diavag - Gelucovurmin - Amovag)